WakeUpManager -

What is the WakeUpManager?

The WakeUpManager - or in short wum - is an Open Source software project aimed to boot and shutdown hosts on demand to reduce power consumption and the amount of money spent for energy.

Considering a daily working time of 8 hours and 220 workdays a year (≈ 365 days - weekends - holidays) there is a theoretical saving of around 80%.
Realisticaly (standby energy usage, maintainance hours, ...) 50% to 60% energy-saving should be achieveable.

Wum can boot hosts based on a user defined timetable or on demand if a user wants to access his/her computer remotely or outside the defined (up)times. The Wake-on-LAN technology is used to boot hosts over the network.

Who are the developers behind WakeUpManager?

At the moment WUM is mainly maintained by Maximilan Wilhelm.

Where is WakeUpManager in use?

At the users page you can see who is using wum.

The main WakeUpManager development motto

Try to make things as simple as possbile; but not simpler.
-- Albert Einstein

Besides the simplicity (especially for the user interfaces) the WakeUpManager design approach is clear, modular and straight. Everywhere where it is useful existing tools and libraries are used.